Wing Family Tree

Townsend Family Members
Name Details
Arthur Townsend b. 1872   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
d. 1958   the Paddington Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Occupation: Cheesemonger, Porvisions Assistant 
Charles James Townsend b. 1870   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Confectioner and Pastry Cook 
Dorothy May Townsend b. 1898   Willesden, Middlesex. 
Edward Townsend b. 1876   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Commercial Clerk 
Elizabeth Sarah Townsend b. 1858   London, Middlesex. 
d. 1869   the Marylebone Registration District 
Gladys Emma Townsend b. 1904   Paddington, London, Middlesex. 
d. 1999   the Worthing Registration District (Jan) 
Occupation: Shorthand Typist 
Henry Townsend b. 1831   Amport, Andover, Hampshire. 
Occupation: Iron Monger, and later Cab Driver 
Henry Thomas Townsend b. 1866   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Electro Plate Finisher 
Mabel Harriett Townsend b. 1898   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
Marjorie Alice Townsend b. 1902    
d. 1989    
Mary Anne Townsend b. 1860   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Dress Maker 
Rose Hannah Townsend b. 1874   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Dressmaker 
Walter Townsend b. 1879   Marylebone, London, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Upholsterer