Turnor Family Tree

Wright Family Members
Name Details
Ada L. Wright b. 1877    
Arthur Ernest Wright b. 1872    
Edna Wright b.     
George Wright b. 1846    
Occupation: Forger and Case Hame Maker. [Hames are a vital part of a horse's harness, transferring the load from the traces to the collar] 
George Henry (Harry) Wright b. 1873    
d. 1929    
Occupation: Secretary to the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce 
Lilian Wright b.     
Occupation: Schoolteacher 
Maurice Wright b.     
Sylvia Maud Audrey Wright b. 1912   Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
c. 1912   St Peter's Church, Harborne, Birmingham 
d. 2002   Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham 
Occupation: Secretary to the Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce