Wing Family Tree

Squires Family Members
Name Details
Albert Edward Squires b. 1875   Tottenham, Middlesex. 
d. 1883   the Edmonton Registration District 
Arthur Wilson Squires b. 1878   Tottenham, Middlesex. 
d. 1956   the Edmonton Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
Occupation: Shipping Clerk, Shipbroker 
George Wing Squires b. 1874   Tottenham, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Solicitor's Clerk 
Harriet Squires b. 1818   Brixham, Devon. 
c. 1818   Brixham, Devon 
d. 1889   the St Albans Registration District 
William Squires b.    Brixham, Devon. 
William Squires b. 1813   Brixham, Devon. 
c. 1814   Brixham, Devon 
Occupation: Gardener 
William Squires b. 1846   Carshalton, Surrey. 
Occupation: Carpenter 
William Squires b. 1872   Tottenham, Middlesex. 
d. 1928   the Edmonton Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Occupation: Carpenter