Haley Family Tree

Terry Family Members
Name Details
Arthur Pool Terry b. 1877   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
c. 1889   Leeds, All Hallows, Yorkshire 
d. 1949   Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire 
Occupation: Electrician (Lights and Dynamos), and later a Commercial Traveller 
Arthur Preston Terry b. 1904   Preston, Lancashire 
Beryl T. Terry b. 1938   the Newport Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Charles Terry b. 1914   the Gower Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
d. 1996   the Swansea Registration District (May) 
Occupation: Omnibus Conductor 
David W. Terry b. 1938   the Reading Registration District 
Dennis Poole Terry b. 1928   the Cardiff Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
d. 1996   the Haverfordwest Registration District (Jun) 
Ernest Terry b. 1906   Glasgow, Scotland 
Ernest Pool Terry b. 1886   Burley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Commercial Clerk 
Frederick Terry b. 1810   Keighley, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Mechanic 
George Terry b. 1914   the Gower Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
George Pool Terry b. 1850   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Iron Turner 
George Winter Terry b. 1902   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1978   Haverfordwest, Wales 
Occupation: Traveller in Lubricating Oil 
Mary Terry b. 1908   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Mary D. Terry b. 1922   the Bridgend Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
d. 1927   the Cardiff Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Sarah Ann Terry b. 1871   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1933   the Leeds Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
Occupation: Tailoress 
Sonia M. Terry b. 1938   the Swansea Registration District (Sep Qtr) 
Victor George Terry b. 1919   the Bridgend Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
d. 1994   Pembrokeshire, Wales 
Occupation: Diesel Loco Driver 
Walter Terry b. 1900   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Walter Pool Terry b. 1889   Burley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1919   Mumbles 
Occupation: Lance Corporal in the Welsh Regiment (266022) 
William Ronald (Ron) Terry b. 1912   the Gower Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
d. 1955   56 Balmoral Road, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales 
Occupation: Steel Sheet Works Labourer