Cundall Family Tree

Donald Robert (Don) Cundall (1938 - 2016)


Donald Robert (Don) Cundall was the son of Thomas Cundall and Elsie Margaret Daley.

Don was born on Wednesday 10 August 1938 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Don married Ellen Jane Marlene Lecour on Friday 7 October 1960.

He had the following children from his marriage to Ellen Jane Marlene Lecour:

- Cheryl Lynne Cundall

born in 1962 (date suppressed).

- Robert Barry (Bob) Cundall

born in 1964 (date suppressed).

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1938    Winnipeg, Canada.   
1956  1958  Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, British Columbia.   
1958  1960  Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.   
1961    Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.   
1965    USA.   
1995  now  Pennsylvania, USA. (Details suppressed).   

Don was a person who has had many occupations - see below.

Don died when he was 77 years old, on Friday 13 May 2016.  

Donald left home at 18 to join the RCAF and become a pilot.    They however sent Donald off to the Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, British Columbia where upon completing two years (1956-58) Donald was sent on to the Royal Military College of Canada (Canada's Sandhurst) in Kingston, Ontario where he graduated in 1960.

During the summers, he took pilot training, sailoring and soldiering getting as far as T-33 jets.    The RCAF didn't need pilots at the time, and so they released him without having to serve the three years, getting out of having to pay for sending Donald on to University to get a degree.    Since the RMC was a Federal School, and degree granting was a Provincial Right, the RMC gave Donald a Diploma in Chemical Engineering and he was to go onto a civilian university to get a degree.    Now, the RMC has degree granting authority, and they did give Donald a BSc., 34 years later.

Left high and dry, Donald got a job teaching at school, married Marlene, and the following year, went off to Queen's University, also in Kingston, Ontario.    It was here that Cheryl was born.    Before graduating, Donald took a job with Union Carbide in Montreal and learned all about plastics and polyethylene.    However, they thought that Donald etal should all learn French, and there were no protestant schools, so with Robert Barry Cundall added to their family, they escaped to the USA in 1965.

Donald worked for an assortment of petroleum and plastics companies where he got involved with German firms making polyester monofilament used to weave papermaking screens.    They even returned to Canada for two years to set up a company (1972-73).    When he ran out of Plastics companies to work for, he got involved with pharmaceutical and biomedical research organisations building laboratories and facilities.    But that line of work slowed up, and Donald has been semi-retired since 1994.    Donald keeps busy with his genealogy and doing odd jobs, especially around his children's houses.

West Chester, Pennsylvania is a very Quaker town, part of William Penn's grant of 1682.    It has rolling hills and is quite wooded.    Donald and Marlene live about 4 miles out of town in what was and still is farmland, but the dairy cows are moving out as the land is being sold off to build houses.    It is about 20 miles west of Philadelphia, 15 miles north of Delaware (where one can shop with no sales tax), 2 hours from skiing in the Pocono Mountains (little hills), 2 hours to New York City, 2 hours to the beaches in Delaware, and 2 hours to Washington DC.    But 30 minutes west of West Chester is a large Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish farming district where they travel the roads in horse and buggy, farm with lots of sons and teams of horses, and live without electricity.    West Chester is also in the area of the 'Brandywine Battlefield' where Generals Howe and Cornwallis whupped Washington, Wayne and Lafayette.    The local Quakers were and still are anti-war and military and any that got involved in the War of Independence were shunned and their names were struck from the church and historical records.    There are several Quaker Meeting Houses and schools and colleges right around West Chester, and they add to the quiet family life of the area.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. Information provided by Don Cundall.