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Alice Cundall (1890 - 1961)


Alice Cundall was the daughter of Richard Cundall and Sarah Ann Gill.

Alice was born on Friday 28 February 1890 in 44, Grimshaw Park, Blackburn, Lancashire.

She was christened on Sunday 18 May 1890 at St Marys Church, Blackburn, Lancashire.

Alice married Durham Palmer on Friday 7 July 1922.

She had the following children from her marriage to Durham Palmer:

- Rayman Oswald Palmer

born in 1923 (date suppressed).

The places where she lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1890  1891  44, Grimshaw Park, Blackburn, Lancashire.  Notes 1 & 2. 
1922  1942  352, Atlantis Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Notes 3 & 4. 

Alice died when she was 71 years old, on Saturday 25 November 1961.  

Durham's first wife, Elizabeth (Lily) Cundall died in 1918, leaving their son Richard Durham Palmer, one year old, to be raised by his grandparents Richard and Sarah Ann and their unmarried daughter Alice.   Unencumbered as such, Durham sought out a new wife, and finding a likely candidate, announced it to his in-laws, Richard and Sarah Ann.    Richard and Sarah Ann, concerned that they might lose contact and control of their grandson, counter-proposed that if Durham married their other unmarried daughter Alice, they would buy them a house and keep the family together.   So Durham married Alice Cundall on 7th July 1922 and moved into their new house at 352 Atlantic Avenue, Winnipeg with Durham's son, Richard Durham Palmer, aged 5.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. Birth Certificate.
2. See 1891 Census.
3. Information provided by Don Cundall.
4. Letter to Mary Ann (Molly) Cundall in Dec 1942.

Parish Registers:

Census Data:

Year Address
1891 44 Grimshaw Park, Blackburn, Lancashire.