Greenhough Family Tree


Firstly, I must give my cousin, Richard Greenhough, much of the credit for delving back into the mists of time on this family.

As far as we have managed to trace, our Greenhough family moved from the Matlock (Derbyshire) district to Uttoxeter (Staffordshire) around the end of the 17th century.     They moved southwards gradually during the next three centuries, first to Alrewas around 1760, then to Kings Bromley in the 1790s and then to Lichfield by 1800.     At this time, the Greenhoughs were Agricultural Labourers (i.e. farm workers).     Then the family seemed to split up slightly, starting with the sons of Richard Greenhough (1795 - 1867).

His sons Richard and Abraham moved to Walsall, where many of his descendants still live to this day.     Abraham's family became miners, then later some of the family moved to Nuneaton and some of them emigrated to Australia.

The middle son, Francis moved to Wednesbury and started a bakery which survived into the 1940s.     Most of his descendants have scattered around the country now, and only one branch still live in Wednesbury.