Jennings Family Tree

Jennings Family Members
Name Details
Abel Jennings b. 1830   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
c. 1831   St Peter's Church, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1893   Methley, near Rothwell, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Coal Miner, and later a Gardener 
Abel Jennings b. 1850   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
Abel Jennings b. 1884   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner - Hewer 
Abel Jennings b. 1909   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1984   30 Elmwood Avenue, Walton, Wakefield 
Occupation: Colliery Haulage Hand 
Ada Jennings b. 1875   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Teacher 
Albert Jennings b. 1885   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Mercantile Clerk 
Albert Jennings b. 1888   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Shunter 
Alfred Jennings b. 1869   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Farm Labourer, later a Chemical Labourer, and then a Coal Miner 
Alfred Jennings b. 1878   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Alfred Jennings b. 1917   the Wakefield Registration District (Mar qtr) 
Alice Jennings b. 1887   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Ann Jennings b.     
Ann Jennings b.     
Ann Jennings b. 1853   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Linen Weaver 
Ann Elizabeth Jennings b. 1860   Woodlesford, Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Anna Jennings b. 1824   Yorkshire. 
Annie Jennings b. 1876   Waterloo, near Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Annie Elizabeth Jennings b. 1873   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Arthur Jennings b. 1862   Astley, Swillington, Yorkshire. 
d. 1933    
Occupation: Colliery Engine Driver 
Arthur Jennings b. 1903   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Washer (above) 
Arthur Jennings b. 1906   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Barbara Jennings b. 1858   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Linen Weaver 
Barbara Jennings b. 1924    
Beech Jennings b. 1888   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Brick Layer at Colliery 
Calverley Middlemiss Jennings b. 1900   Hartlepool, Durham. 
Charles Jennings b. 1859   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner, and Fireman at Colliery 
Christine Jennings b.     
Clara Jennings b. 1868   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Clement Jennings b. 1893   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Dan Jennings b. 1891   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Daniel (Dan) Jennings b. 1839   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
c. 1839   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire 
d. 1926   Camelot Park, Castleford, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Colliery Engine Driver, and later a Watchmaker 
Dora Jennings b. 1892   Glass Houghton, Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Student Teacher 
Doris Jennings b. 1896   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1976   Hove, Sussex 
Doris Jennings b. 1899   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Doris Jennings b. 1899   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Dorothy Jennings b. 1922    
d. 1976    
Occupation: member of the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) at Donnington 
Edith Jennings b. 1883   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Dressmaker 
Edward Jennings b. 1881   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Firer of boilers in a Colliery 
Edwin Jennings b. 1876   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner, later a Yeast Dealer 
Eleanor Jennings b. 1904   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Eliza Jennings b. 1854   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Flax Spinner 
Emma Jennings b. 1856   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Enoch Jennings b. 1867   Astley, Swillington, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: School Teacher 
Eric Thomas Jennings b. 1925    
d. 1997   the Leeds Registration District, Yorkshire 
Eva Jennings b. 1878   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Jeweller Shop Assistant 
Evelyn Jennings b. 1898   Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Florence Jennings b. 1920    
d. 2012   York 
Occupation: Telephonist 
Frank Jennings b. 1911   the Pontefract Registration District (Jun qtr). 
d. 1969   The Pontefract Registration District (Jun qtr) 
Occupation: Coal Hewer 
George Jennings b. 1820   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1891/1901    
Occupation: Coal Miner, and later Gardener 
George Jennings b. 1846   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
George Jennings b. 1901   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
George William Jennings b. 1901   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
George William Haley Jennings b. 1884   Whitkirk, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Mechanic 
Georgiana Jennings b. 1880   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1972   the Barkston Ash Registration District (Sep Quarter). 
Gladys Jennings b. 1905   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Gladys Mary Jennings b. 1922    
Hannah Jennings b.     
Hannah Jennings b. 1856   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Wool Cloth Weaver 
Hannah Jennings b. 1880   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Hannah Jennings b. 1885   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1963   325 Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield 
Harold Jennings b. 1900   Stourton, Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Harry Jennings b. 1887   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Rubber for Stone Masons 
Helena Jennings b. 1898   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1991   97 West Lane, Sharlston, Wakefield, Yorkshire 
Henry Seymour Jennings b. 1899   Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Jack Jennings b. 1913   the Pontefract Registration District (Jun qtr). 
James Jennings b. 1876   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Pony Driver in a Coal Mine, and later a Coal Miner 
James Jennings b. 1907   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Hewer 
Jane Jennings b.     
Jane Jennings b. 1843   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
John Jennings b.     
John Jennings b. 1818   Crigglestone, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
c. 1818   Sandal, Wakefield, Yorkshire 
d. 1899   the Wakefield Registration District 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
John Jennings b. 1848   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
John Jennings b. 1871   Old Row, Astley, Swillington, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Watchmaker 
John Jennings b. 1872   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Painter and Paper Hanger 
John Calverley Jennings b. 1903   Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Joseph Jennings b. 1833   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
c. 1833   St Peter's, Leeds, Yorkshire 
d. 1916   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
Laurence Wheater Jennings b. 1906   Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Leslie Middlemiss Jennings b. 1898   Thornaby, Yorkshire. 
Lucy Jennings b. 1891   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Margaret Phyllis Jennings b. 1920    
Maria Jennings b. 1868   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Martha Jennings b.     
Mary Jennings b.     
Mary Jennings b. 1839   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
c. 1839   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Cloth Weaver 
Mary Jennings b. 1873   Astley, Swillington, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Telephone Operator 
Mary Jennings b. 1891   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Mary Jennings b. 1896   Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Mary Jennings b. 1915   the Pontefract Registration District (Jun qtr). 
Mary Elizabeth Jennings b. 1882   Whitkirk, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cloth Weaver 
Nancy Jennings b. 1867   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Housekeeper 
Nancy Jennings b. 1912   the Wakefield Registration District (Dec qtr) 
Olive Jennings b. 1855   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Olive Jennings b. 1894   Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Percy Jennings b. 1890   5 Easy Terrace, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1967   the Wharfedale Registration District, Yorkshire (Dec) 
Occupation: Mechanic (Turner) and Boiler Fireman 
Philip Wood Jennings b. 1899   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Polly Jennings b. 1886   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1949    
Rhoda Jennings b. 1882   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Teacher 
Richard Jennings b.     
Ruth Jennings b. 1848   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Sarah Jennings b. 1844   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Simon Jennings b. 1835   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
c. 1836   St Peter's, Leeds, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
Squire Jennings b. 1883   Lofthouse, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Stone Mason 
Thomas Jennings b.     
Thomas Jennings b.     
Thomas Jennings b. 1853   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Iron Turner, Labourer at Sewage Works and Bricklayer's Labourer 
Thomas Jennings b. 1854   Oulton, near Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
Tom Jennings b. 1875   Waterloo, near Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner, and later a Tram Driver 
Tom Jennings b. 1891   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Tom Jennings b. 1898   Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Walter Jennings b. 1877   Waterloo, near Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner, and later a Railway Porter 
Walter Jennings b. 1920   the Pontefract Registration District (Jun qtr). 
Occupation: Tailor Apprentice 
Wilfred Jennings b. 1888   Stourton, Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Machine Man in Iron Foundry 
William Jennings b.     
William Jennings b. 1795   Crigglestone, Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
c. 1795   Sandal, Wakefield, Yorkshire 
d. 1861    
Occupation: Coal Miner 
William Jennings b. 1828   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
William Jennings b. 1846   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
William Jennings b. 1851   Rothwell, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
William Jennings b. 1857   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner, Colliery Fireman and a Colliery Engineman 
William Jennings b. 1864   Astley, Swillington, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Colliery Engine Stoker, and later a Watchmaker and Optician 
William Jennings b. 1882   Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
William Parker Jennings b. 1905   Castleford, Yorkshire.