Lavender Family Tree

Williams Family Members
Name Details
?????? Williams b.     
Brian Williams b.     
Richard Williams b.     
Edward Williams b. 1829   Woodside, Worcestershire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner and later a Rag and Bone man 
Ruth Williams b. 1839   Woodside, Worcestershire. 
Benjamin Williams b. 1842   Woodside, Worcestershire. 
Elizabeth Williams b. 1842   Tipton, Staffordshire. 
James Williams b. 1850   Woodside, Worcestershire. 
Phebe Williams b. 1853   Woodside, Worcestershire. 
Joseph Williams b. 1857   Woodside, Worcestershire. 
John Williams b. 1860   Woodside, Worcestershire. 
Jane Williams b. 1864   Woodside, Worcestershire.