Jennings Family Tree

Buckley Family Members
Name Details
Alice Maud Buckley b. 1894   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Benjamin Buckley b. 1841   Undercliffe, Bradford, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
Clement Buckley b. 1901   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Fred Buckley b. 1902   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Grace Ann Buckley b. 1871   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1943   the Leeds Registration District (Mar Quarter). 
Occupation: Tailoress 
Harold Buckley b. 1910   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Harry Buckley b. 1880   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Mechanical Fitter and later a Tram Conductor 
Herbert Leslie Buckley b. 1892   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Apprentice Stereotyping 
John William Buckley b. 1868   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1908   the Leeds Registration District (Dec Quarter). 
Occupation: Mechanic and Iron Turner 
Mary Ann Buckley b. 1872   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Tailoress 
Olive Buckley b. 1899   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Roland Sturdy Buckley b. 1901   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Rowland Buckley b. 1905   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Samuel Buckley b. 1882   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Whitesmith and Bell-Hanger