Frankland Family Tree

Lofthouse Family Members
Name Details
Ada Lofthouse b. 1902   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Amos Lofthouse b. 1907   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Ann Lofthouse b. 1867   Dutton, Lancashire. 
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lofthouse b. 1904   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Ellen Lofthouse b. 1855   Bashall Eaves, Yorkshire. 
Ellen Lofthouse b. 1898   Chipping, Lancashire. 
George Lofthouse b. 1862   Dutton, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Farmer 
George Lofthouse b. 1891   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Crane Driver at Stone Quarry 
Henry Ellison (Harry) Lofthouse b. 1893   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Occupation: General Labourer 
Henry Frankland Lofthouse b. 1864   Dutton, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Mechanic 
Jane Lofthouse b. 1858   Bashall Eaves, Yorkshire. 
John Lofthouse b. 1830   Hazelhead, Rimmington, Yorkshire. 
c. 1830   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Farmer 
John Lofthouse b. 1872   Chipping, Lancashire. 
d. 1949   the Blackburn Registration District (Sep qtr) 
John Lofthouse b. 1890   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Occupation: General Labourer 
John William Lofthouse b. 1905   Waddington, Yorkshire 
Maggie Lofthouse b. 1900   Chipping, Lancashire. 
d. 1945   the Amounderness Registration District (Jun qtr) 
Margaret Lofthouse b. 1860   Dutton, Lancashire. 
Matthew Lofthouse b. 1894   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Blacksmith's Striker at Iron and Brass Foundry 
Sarah Lofthouse b. 1869   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Sarah Annie Lofthouse b. 1896   Chipping, Lancashire.