Chew Family Tree

Chew Family Members
Name Details
?????? Chew b.     
?????? Chew b.     
?????? Chew b.     
Abraham Chew b. 1708    
d. 1767   Langho, Lancashire 
Abraham Chew b.    
Abraham Chew b. 1748    
d. 1800   Langho, Lancashire 
Occupation: Surgeon 
Abraham Chew b. 1773    
d. 1819    
Abraham Chew b. 1780   Middleton. 
Alan Chew b. 1943    
Occupation: Policeman 
Albert Arthur Chew b. 1866   Facit, Whitworth, Lancashire. 
d. 1943   24 North Drive, Bispham, Blackpool 
Occupation: Railway Clerk 
Albert Edward Chew b. 1862   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1863   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Alec Chew b. 1935   the Burnley Registration District (Mar Qtr 1935) 
d. 1990    
Alexander McBain (Alec) Chew b. 1898   Charter Street, Accrington, Lancashire. 
d. 1965   Hillingdon, Middlesex, West London 
Occupation: Engine Turner, firstly for Howard and Buller's in Accrington and then for Foster, Yates and Thom. Ltd, Blackburn 
Alexander McBain (Alec) Chew b. 1919   Haslingden, Lancashire. 
Alfred Chew b. 1870   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1871   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Alfred Chew b. 1877   Colne, Lancashire. 
Occupation: House Painter 
Alice Chew b. 1741    
Alice Chew b. 1799    
d. 1859    
Alice Chew b. 1829    
c. 1829   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1829   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Alice Chew b. 1859   Poultry House, Horton in Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1859   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Alice Chew b. 1890   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1977   the Staincliffe Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Alice Chew b. 1897   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1981   1 Fern Hill Cottages, Lady Lane, Bingley, West Yorkshire 
Alice Chew b. 1899   Accrington, Lancashire. 
Alice Maude Chew b. 1900   Shuttleworth, Lancashire. 
Amanda (Mandy) Chew b. 1958   the Worth Valley Registration District (Mar Qtr 1958) 
Amelia Johnson Chew b. 1893   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cop (Bobbin) Winder 
Andrew Chew b. 1961    
Ann Chew b. 1744    
d. 1759    
Ann Chew b.    
Ann Chew b. 1805    
c. 1805   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Ann Chew b. 1836   Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Ann Chew b. 1861   Poultry House, Horton in Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1861   Henhouse, Horton, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1911    
Ann Chew b. 1883   Burnley, Lancashire. 
d. 1961   the Preston Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Anna Chew b. 1692   Ellbeck. 
Anna Chew b. 1719   Gisburn, Yorkshire on 24th July 1719. 
d. 1720    
Annabelle Chew b. 1850   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Anne Chew b. 1822   Newton, Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1822   Newton Heath, Manchester, Lancashire 
Anne Chew b. 1828    
c. 1829   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Anne Chew b. 1881   Blakely Lane. 
Annie Chew b. 1885   Carters Lane Head, Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1885   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1908    
Archibald Chew b. 1875   Colne, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Carter for Cotton Waste Dealer 
Arthur Chew b. 1890   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1915   Turkey 
Occupation: Private during WWI in the 8th Bn., Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regt.) 
Arthur Eccles Chew b. 1859   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Railway Surveyor 
Arthur Waite Chew b. 1903   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Audrey Chew b. 1925   the Preston Registration District (Jun Quarter). 
Barbara Chew b. 1938   the Settle Registration District (Dec Qtr). 
Barbara Chew b. 1940   the Haslingden Registration District (Sep Quarter). 
Benjamin Chew b. 1879   Church, Accrington, Lancashire. 
d. 1964   32 Elmfield Street, Church, Lancashire 
Occupation: Clog Maker and Boot Maker 
Benjamin Chew b. 1923   the Preston Registration District (Jun Quarter). 
Benjamin Chew b. 1978   the Blackburn Registration District (Dec Qtr). 
Bessie Chew b. 1904   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1998   Whalley, Lancashire 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Bethany Chew b.     
Betsy E. Chew b. 1930   the Keighley Registration District (Sep Qtr) 
Betty Chew b. 1747    
c. 1747    
Betty Chew b. 1775    
c. 1775   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Betty Chew b. 1802   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1802   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Bithiah Chew b. 1872   Britannia, Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Brian Russell Chew b. 1935   19 Warwick Crescent, Hayes, Middlesex. 
Occupation: Toolmaker 
Bryan Chew b. 1934   the Burnley Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Catherine Chew b. 1867   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Charles Chew b. 1826   Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1826   Manchester Cathedral 
Christiana (Kitty) Chew b. 1913   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
Christopher Chew b.    
Christopher Chew b.    
Clifford Chew b. 1914   Clitheroe Registration District. 
d. 1976   the Manchester Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Occupation: Plumber, Painter and Glazier 
Clinton Chew b. 1859   Burnley, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Coal Miner 
Colin Chew b. 1942   the Blackburn Registration District (Mar Quarter). 
Colin Chew b. 1964    
Craig Richard Chew b. 1991    
David Chew b. 1843   Smallbridge, Rochdale, Lancashire. 
c. 1844   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1909   the Rochdale Registration District Dec Quarter). 
Occupation: Cotton Mule Spinner and Loom Jobber 
Dennis (Mick) Chew b. 1929   the North Brierley Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
d. 1996   the Dewsbury Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
Dick Chew b. 1912   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 2003   the Blackburn with Darwen Registration District (Aug) 
Occupation: Estate & Agricultural Labourer 
Donald Waite Chew b.     
Doris Chew b. 1902   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1999    
Occupation: Hotel Waitress 
Dorothy Chew b. 1879   Withington, Lancashire 
Dorothy Chew b. 1925   the Skipton Registration District (Sep Qtr) 
Earl Frederick Chew b. 1871   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Edith Chew b. 1869   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Edith Chew b. 1891   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Edith (Edie) Chew b. 1901   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1998   Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Edith Chew b. 1910   the Leeds Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
Edith Ivy Chew b. 1903   Earby, Yorkshire 
d. 1999    
Edna Chew b. 1931   the North Brierley Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Edward Chew b. 1703   Langho, Lancashire. 
Edward Chew b.    
Edward Chew b. 1750    
d. 1821    
Occupation: Attorney at Law 
Edward Chew b. 1781   Bury. 
Edward Chew b. 1928   the Skipton Registration District (Sep Qtr) 
d. 1994   the Keighley Registration District (Jun) 
Edward (Edvardus) Chew b. 1627   Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1706    
Edward (Edvardus) Chew b. 1676    
d. 1743   Blackburn, Lancashire on 15th April 1743 
Edwin Albert Chew b. 1863   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Back Gaitor at Paper Mill 
Edwin Russell Chew b. 1925   Moorlands Maternity Home, Haslingden, Lancashire. 
d. 2001   Northwood, Middlesex 
Occupation: Film Developer in Technicolor, West London 
Eleanor Chew b. 1872   Broughton, Lancashire 
d. 1940   Burkes Corner, Aylesbury End, Beaconfield, Buckinghamshire 
Eliza Jane Chew b. 1832   Manchester, Lancashire 
c. 1832   Manchester Cathedral 
Elizabeth Chew b. 1712    
Elizabeth Chew b. 1727   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Elizabeth Chew b. 1754    
Elizabeth Chew b. 1756   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1756   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Elizabeth Chew b. 1808    
c. 1808   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Elizabeth Chew b. 1855   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Elizabeth Chew b. 1863   Shawforth, Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Elizabeth Chew b. 1867   Pewit Hall, Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1867   Tewit Hall, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1947    
Elizabeth Chew b. 1870   Headingley, Yorkshire. 
Elizabeth A. Chew b. 1884   Holden, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Elizabeth Ann Chew b. 1839   Smallbridge, Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Throstle Spinner 
Elizabetha Chew b. 1672    
Elizabetha Chew b. 1686   Campa Sawlensi. 
Ellen Chew b. 1668    
d. 1668    
Ellen Chew b. 1671    
Ellen Chew b. 1760   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1760   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Ellen Chew b. 1791   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1791   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Ellen Chew b. 1809   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1809   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Ellen Chew b. 1825   Colne, Lancashire. 
c. 1825   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Cotton Spinner 
Ellen Chew b. 1878   Higher Booths, Lancashire. 
d. 1951   the Burnley Registration District (Sep Qtr) 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Ellen Smith Chew b. 1852   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1852   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1853   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Ellena Chew b. 1684   Cowgill. 
Ellin (Helena) Chew b.     
d. 1676    
Emma Chew b. 1864   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Emma Catherine Chew b. 1882   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: General Servant 
Emma Maria Chew b. 1832   Manchester, Lancashire 
c. 1832   Manchester Cathedral 
Emmie Celia Chew b. 1907   Ashton, Lancashire 
Ernest Chew b. 1888   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cotton Warehouse Labourer 
Eva Chew b. 1932   the North Brierley Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Flora Chew b. 1876   Burnley, Lancashire. 
Francis Chew b. 1844   the Manchester Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
d. 1855   the Manchester Registration District (Sep Quarter) 
Fred Chew b. 1907   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1982   13 Hayhills Road, Silsden, Keighley, West Yorkshire 
Occupation: Farmer, firstly in Micklethwaite and later in Silsden 
Fred Chew b. 1935   the Blackburn Registration District (Sep Qtr). 
d. 1936    
Frederick Chew b. 1824   Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1824   Manchester Cathedral 
Geoffrey Chew b. 1907   Romsley, Cheshire 
Occupation: Clothing Manufacturer 
George Chew b.    
George Chew b.    
d. 1820    
George Chew b. 1858   Poultry House, Horton in Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1858   Henhouse, Horton, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1927   Earby, near Skipton, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Farm Labourer 
George Chew b. 1895   Bonny Blacks, Rimmington, Yorkshire. 
c. 1895   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1965   North Brierley, Bradford, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Farmer, Carting Agent, Overlooker, Plush Weaver 
George Chew b. 1934   the North Brierley Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
George Friday Chew b. 1841   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1902   Blackburn Infirmary 
Occupation: Tile Drainer, Labourer, Farmer and Quarryman 
George Henry Chew b. 1881   Buck Heights 
George Henry Chew b. 1882   Holden, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1976    
George P. Chew b. 1826   Burnley, Lancashire. 
Occupation: General Labourer 
George Richard Chew b.    
George Thomas Chew b. 1871   Keighley, Yorkshire. 
d. 1965   48 Granville Street, Peterborough 
Occupation: Farmer, Gas Worker - Engine Tenter, and later a Stone Waller 
Gladys Chew b. 1886   Chorley, Cheshire 
c. 1886   Church-Lawton, Cheshire 
d. 1954   the Surrey North Western Registration District (Jun Quarter) 
Gladys Chew b. 1894   Ewoodbridge, Lancashire. 
Grace Chew b. 1740    
c. 1740    
Graham Chew b. 1944   the Blackburn Registration District (Jun Quarter). 
Occupation: Electronics Engineer 
Greenwood Chew b. 1846   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1846   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1908   12 Victoria Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Tile Drainer and a Railway Goods Porter 
Hannah Chew b. 1827   Manchester, Lancashire 
c. 1829   Manchester Cathedral 
d. 1902   the Manchester Registration District (Sep Quarter) 
Harold Town Chew b. 1881   Colne, Lancashire. 
d. 1946   the Blackburn Registration District (Dec qtr) 
Occupation: Engineering Mechanic, and later a Haulage Contractor 
Harry Chew b. 1883   Rusholme, Manchester, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Shipping Clerk 
Harry Chew b. 1908    
d. 1980   the Blackburn Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Occupation: Plain & Fancy Cotton & Silk Loom Overlooker 
Harry Chew b. 1921   the Bradford Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
d. 2005   the South Gloucester Registration District (Jan) 
Occupation: Yarn Warehouse Man (Carpet) 
Helen Chew b. 1963    
Helen Chew b. 1978    
Helena Chew b. 1620    
Henry Chew b. 1762   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1762   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Henry Chew b. 1796   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1797   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1868   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Labourer, Tiler and Tile Drainer 
Henry Chew b. 1804   Horton, Yorkshire. 
d. 1880   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Henry Chew b. 1868   West Marton, Yorkshire. 
Henry Chew b. 1872   Church, Accrington, Lancashire. 
c. 1872   Church, Accrington, Lancashire 
Occupation: Clothlooker 
Henry Chew b. 1882   Lothersdale, Skipton, Yorkshire. 
d. 1943   the Wharfedale Registration District (Sep Quarter) 
Occupation: Cattleman 
Henry (Harry) Chew b. 1904   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1986    
Occupation: Dairy Farmer at Beck Farm, Micklethwaite 
Henry John (Harry) Chew b. 1838   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1844   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1908   18 Edmundson Street, Church, Accrington, Lancashire 
Occupation: Tiledrainer and Gardener 
Henry John (Harry) Chew b. 1854   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1855   Newsholme, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1924    
Occupation: Farmer and Road Foreman for District Council 
Henry John Chew b. 1888   Church, Accrington, Lancashire. 
Hilda Chew b. 1904   Clitheroe Registration District. 
Horace Chew b. 1883   Colne, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Barber 
Horace Chew b. 1907   Accrington, Lancashire 
Ian Chew b. 1956   the Bradford Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Ian William Chew b. 1959   the Staincliffe Registration District (Mar Qtr 1959) 
Ingham Chew b. 1852   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Curier and Warehouseman in Cotton Waste Warehouse 
Isabel Chew b. 1758   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1758   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Ivy Chew b. 1925   the Bradford Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
d. 1925   the Bradford Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Jack Simpson Chew b. 1910   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1993    
Occupation: Silk and Cotton Weaver 
Jackie Waite Chew b.     
Jacobus Chew b. 1625    
James Chew b. 1669    
d. 1669    
James Chew b. 1713    
d. 1768   Langho, Lancashire 
Occupation: Surgeon 
James Chew b. 1749   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1800    
Occupation: Carpenter 
James Chew b. 1758    
d. 1819    
Occupation: Doctor 
James Chew b. 1771    
James Chew b.    
James Chew b. 1799   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1800   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1801    
James Chew b. 1801   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1801   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Wheelwright and Carpenter 
James Chew b. 1806   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1806   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Sawyer 
James Chew b. 1834   Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Throstle Dapper 
James Chew b. 1886   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cotton Warehouse Labourer 
James (Jim) Chew b. 1899   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1974   the Keighley Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Occupation: Farm Labourer 
James (Jacobus) Chew b. 1690   Illbeck. 
James (Jacobus) Chew b. 1721   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1794    
Occupation: Carpenter 
James Thomas Chew b. 1867   Facit, Whitworth, Lancashire. 
d. 1871   the Rochdale Registration District. 
James Thomas Chew b. 1875   Britannia, Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Jane Chew b.    
d. 1787    
Jane Chew b. 1775    
d. 1865    
Jane Chew b. 1781    
Jane Chew b. 1813   Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1813   Manchester Cathedral 
Jane Chew b. 1861   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Jane Chew b. 1865   Pewit Hall, Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1865   Tewit Hall, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1875   Spring Heads, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Jane Chew b. 1869   Church, Accrington, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Weaver 
Jane Chew b. 1891   Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1895   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Retail Dealer in Sweets and Tobacco and CafĂ© 
Jane (Janie) Chew b. 1893   Rishton, Lancashire. 
Jane Eleanor Chew b. 1852   the Manchester Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
d. 1858   the Macclesfield Registration District (Sep Quarter) 
Jane Ellen Chew b. 1899   Haslingden, Lancashire. 
d. 1903   the Haslingden Registration District (Mar Quarter). 
Janet Chew b. 1911   the Haslingden Registration District (Sep Quarter). 
d. 1914   the Haslingden Registration District (Jun Quarter). 
Jean Chew b. 1917   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 2007   Lancashire (Mar) 
Jean McBain Chew b. 1922   Haslingden, Lancashire. 
d. 1996    
Occupation: Nurse in St Hellier's hospital in Carshalton, Surrey 
Jenet Chew b. 1663    
Jenet Chew b. 1705    
Jennet Chew b. 1746    
Jennette Ann Chew b.    
Jenny Chew b.    
Jeremiah Chew b. 1819    
c. 1819   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1820   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Joan Simpson Chew b. 1907   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1990    
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
John Chew b. 1751   Gisburn, Yorkshire on 12th October 1751. 
d. 1753    
John Chew b. 1872   Spring Heads, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1872   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1962    
Occupation: Estate Foreman 
John Chew b. 1886   Burnley, Lancashire. 
John (Jack) Chew b. 1892   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1947    
John Chew b. 1920   the Haslingden Registration District (Mar Quarter). 
d. 1988   12 Lyndhurst Road, Blackburn, Lancashire 
Occupation: Assistant Fire Beater and Boiler Man 
John (Jack) Chew b. 1922   the Lancaster Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
d. 1998   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
John Chew b. 1923   the Bradford Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
d. 1997   the Bradford Registration District (Mar) 
Occupation: Taker Off, Spinning 
John (Johes) Chew b. 1694   Illbeck. 
John Friday Chew b. 1862   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Joiner 
John Grime Chew b. 1782   Bury. 
d. 1782    
John McBain Chew b. 1895   Accrington, Lancashire. 
d. 1922    
John McBain (Jack) Chew b. 1923   George Street, Church, near Accrington, Lancashire (above the Butcher's shop). 
d. 2005   Hillingdon, Middlesex, West London (Jul) 
Occupation: Toolmaker 
John Smith Chew b. 1836    
c. 1837   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1837   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Johnson Chew b. 1808   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1808   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1868   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Grocer and Sawyer 
Johnson Chew b. 1836   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1837   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1908   the Clitheroe Registration District (Sep Quarter) 
Occupation: Sawyer 
Johnson Chew b. 1881   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Carter 
Joseph Chew b. 1745    
d. 1747    
Joseph Henry (Bo) Chew b. 1921   Nabside, Billington, Lancashire. 
d. 1996   the Blackburn Registration District (May) 
Occupation: General Labourer Estate Work 
Julian Johnson Chew b. 1870   Manchester, Lancashire. 
d. 1948   24 Beech Road, Cale Green, Stockport, Cheshire 
Occupation: Cashier 
Kathleen (Dolly) Chew b. 1915   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Caretaker 
Kathleen Chew b. 1937   the Clitheroe Registration District (Mar Qtr). 
Kenneth Chew b. 1926   the Bradford Registration District (Sep Quarter) 
Kirstie Victoria Chew b. 1989    
Leanne Chew b.     
Leslie Allan Chew b. 1932   the Skipton Registration District (Sep Qtr) 
d. 2000   the Keighley Registration District (Aug) 
Letitia Myra Chew b. 1871   Burnley Registration District, Lancashire. 
c. 1872   St John, Knutsford, Cheshire 
d. 1874   Burnley Registration District 
Letitia Myra Chew b. 1874   Burnley, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Dressmaker 
Lily Chew b. 1892   Accrington, Lancashire. 
Lisa Marie Chew b. 1972   the Blackburn Registration District (Dec Qtr). 
Lizzie Chew b. 1887   Carters Lane Head, Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1887   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1981    
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Louisa Chew b. 1867   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Louisa S. Chew b. 1930   the Wharfedale Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Lucy Chew b. 1889   Carters Lane Head, Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1889   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1979   Airedale, near Keighley, Lancashire 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Lucy Chew b. 1928   the North Brierley Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
Margaret Chew b. 1877   Holden, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Margaret (Maggie) Chew b. 1884   Carters Lane Head, Paythorne, Yorkshire, Lancashire. 
c. 1884   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Margery Riley Chew b. 1864   Poultry House, Horton in Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1864   Tewit Hall, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1865   Pewet Hall, Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Maria Ann Chew b. 1812   Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1812   Manchester Cathedral 
Marion Chew b. 1891   Edenfield, Lancashire. 
Marjorie (Madge) Chew b. 1906   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1999    
Marjorie Chew b. 1940   the Keighley Registration District (Sep Qtr) 
Martha Chew b. 1815   Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1815   Manchester Cathedral 
Martha Chew b. 1846   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1846   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Cotton Winder 
Martha Chew b. 1866   Burnley, Lancashire. 
Mary Chew b. 1742    
c. 1742    
d. 1759    
Mary Chew b. 1792   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1792   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Mary Chew b. 1811   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1811   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Mary Chew b. 1820   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1820   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1868   the Rochdale Registration District 
Occupation: Cotton Spinner 
Mary Chew b. 1849   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Milliner 
Mary Chew b. 1870   Spring Heads, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1870   Tewit Hall, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1871   Spring Heads, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Mary Chew b. 1903   Romsley, Cheshire 
Mary Chew b. 1904   Edenfield, Lancashire. 
Mary Chew b. 1908   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1999   Burnley, Lancashire 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Mary Chew b. 1922   the Bradford Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Occupation: Winder, Combing 
Mary Alice Chew b. 1863   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Mary Alice (Molly) Chew b. 1893   Bonny Blacks, Rimmington, Yorkshire. 
c. 1895   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1967   40, Mabel Street, Colne, Lancashire 
Mary Alice Chew b. 1923   the Skipton Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Mary Ann Chew b. 1895   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1975   Raikeswood Hospital, Skipton, Yorkshire 
Mary Ann Chew b. 1895   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Mary Ellen Chew b. 1904    
d. 1905   the Haslingden Registration District (Jun Quarter). 
Mary Helen Chew b. 1916   the Settle Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
d. 2010   Ward 16 at Falkirk Infirmary 
Matilda Bertha Emma Chew b. 1866   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
May Chew b. 1897   Stoneybank Farm, Earby, Thornton, near Skipton, Yorkshire. 
d. 1977    
May Chew b. 1914   the Haslingden Registration District (Sep Quarter). 
d. 1975    
May Chew b. 1936   the North Brierley Registration District (Jun Quarter) 
Michael Chew b. 1951    
Occupation: Policeman 
Michael Chew b. 1953   the Bradford Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
Millicent Annie Chew b. 1923   the Skipton Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
d. 2002   the Ribble Valley Registration District (Jul) 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Nancy Chew b. 1839   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1839   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Milliner and Draper 
Nellie Chew b. 1883   Rusholme, Manchester, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Apprentice Dressmaker 
Nellie Chew b. 1900   Carters Farm, Paythorne, Gisburn, Lancashire. 
d. 1986    
Norman Chew b. 1921    
d. 2006    
Occupation: employee at the Electricity Board 
Olive Chew b. 1901   Blackburn, Lancashire 
Peggy Chew b. 1795   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1795   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1796   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Peggy Chew b. 1796   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1796   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Phyllis M. Chew b. 1926   the Lancaster Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Rachel Chew b. 1976    
Rebecca Chew b. 1830   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1831   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Richard Chew b.     
Richard Chew b. 1617    
Richard Chew b. 1666    
d. 1667    
Richard Chew b. 1710    
d. 1782    
Richard Chew b. 1759    
Richard Chew b. 1926   the Skipton Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Richard T. Chew b. 1932   the Blackburn Registration District (Mar Qtr 1933). 
d. 2017    
Riley Chew b. 1862   Poultry House, Horton in Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1863   Henhouse, Horton, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1864   Henhouse, Horton, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Riley Chew b. 1889   Grindleton, Lancashire. 
d. 1917   Belgium 
Occupation: Farm Labourer, and during WWI he was a Gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery 
Riley Chew b. 1915    
d. 1915    
Riley (Dick) Chew b. 1918   the Clitheroe Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
d. 2000   the Hyndburn and Rossendale Registration District (Feb) 
Occupation: Horseman and Cowman 
Robert Chew b. 1622    
Robert Chew b. 1872    
d. 1872    
Robert Chew b. 1894   Accrington, Lancashire. 
d. 1994   the Preston and South Ribble Registration District (May) 
Occupation: Railway Engine Driver 
Roger Chew b. 1765   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1765   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1765    
Roy Chew b. 1932   the Settle Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Ruth Elizabeth Chew b. 1914   the Wharfedale Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
d. 1916   the Leeds Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
Sally Chew b. 1960    
Samuel Chew b. 1900   Accrington, Lancashire. 
Samuel McBain Chew b. 1867   Castle Douglas, Scotland. 
Occupation: Clog, Boot and Shoe Maker 
Sandra Chew b. 1962    
Sarah Chew b. 1755    
Sarah Chew b. 1829    
c. 1829   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Sarah Chew b. 1841   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Draper 
Sarah Chew b. 1851   Gisburn Coates, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1851   Gisburn Coates, Yorkshire 
d. 1853   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Sarah Chew b. 1859   Stodday, near Lancaster, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Sarah Alice Chew b. 1902    
d. 1988    
Sarah Anne Chew b. 1842   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1842   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Sarah Elizabeth Chew b. 1860   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver and Winder 
Sarah Ellen Chew b. 1855   Newsholme, near Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1855   Newsholme, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1912   Earby, near Skipton, Yorkshire. 
Sarah Smith Chew b. 1834   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1837   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Servant and Housekeeper 
Sheila Chew b. 1934   the Blackburn Registration District (Jun Qtr). 
Sheila Robina Chew b. 1928   the Skipton Registration District (Mar Qtr 1929) 
d. 1981    
Occupation: Nurse 
Simon Chew b. 1888   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1975   Castleford Home for the Elderly, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Farm Servant, later General Labourer in Corporation Highway Department 
Simon Mark Chew b. 1967   the Nelson Registration District (Jun Quarter). 
Stanley Chew b. 1914    
d. 1980   Tenerife 
Occupation: Policeman and during the 1950s, 60s and early 70s a weights and measures Inspector (Trading Standards) 
Susan Chew b. 1952    
Susanna Chew b. 1710   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1789    
Thomas Chew b. 1589   the Hills, Billington. 
Occupation: Miller 
Thomas Chew b. 1659   Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire on 11th February 1659. 
d. 1735    
Thomas Chew b. 1688   Downham (Brieryfield Monastry of Sawley). 
d. 1737    
Thomas Chew b. 1724   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1803    
Thomas Chew b.    
Thomas Chew b. 1748    
d. 1748    
Thomas Chew b.    
Thomas Chew b. 1752   1st October 1752. 
Thomas Chew b. 1753   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1753   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1757    
Thomas Chew b. 1799   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1800   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1800    
Thomas Chew b. 1803   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1803   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1868   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Carpenter and Wheelwright 
Thomas Chew b. 1815    
c. 1815   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Thomas Chew b. 1827   Rochdale, Lancashire. 
c. 1826   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1893   the Rochdale Registration District. 
Occupation: Calico Weaver 
Thomas Chew b. 1830   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1830   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1895   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Land Agent and Surveyor 
Thomas Chew b. 1839   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1839   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Stone Mason 
Thomas (Tom) Chew b. 1857   Newsholme, near Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1857   Newsholme, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Agricultural Labourer 
Thomas (Tom Toit) Chew b. 1900   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1987   the Staincliffe Registration District (Oct) 
Occupation: Cowman on Dairy Farm 
Thomas Chew b. 1906    
Thomas Croasdale Chew b. 1857   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Woolstapler 
Thomas Heath Chew b. 1816   Cheetham, Manchester, Lancashire 
c. 1816   Manchester Cathedral 
d. 1899   the Macclesfield Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
Occupation: Attorney at Law 
Thomas Riley Chew b. 1823   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1837   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1905   Higher Flass Farm, Gisburn Forest, near Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Farmer, Brickmaker, Tile Maker and Tile Drainer 
Thomas Riley Chew b. 1864   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1940   the Amounderness Registration District (Mar qtr) 
Occupation: Iron Turner 
Thomas Riley Chew b. 1879   Buck Steps, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1973   5 Hall Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Cowman, Farm Labourer 
Thomas Riley Chew b. 1880   Backsteps, Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1880   Clitheroe Registration District 
Thomas Tatham Chew b. 1839   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Tom Chew b. 1893   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Townley Christopher Chew b. 1820   Newton, Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1821   Newton Heath, Manchester, Lancashire 
d. 1855   the Manchester Registration District (Jun Quarter) 
Trevor Garrick Holgate Chew b. 1952    
Occupation: employee for a major bank 
Violet Chew b. 1899    
d. 1900    
Wendy Chew b. 1960    
William Chew b.    Blacksnape. 
William Chew b.    the Hills, Billington. 
William Chew b. 1747    
d. 1747    
William Chew b. 1766   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1766   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1823   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Wheelwright (See Note 1) 
William Chew b. 1779    
c. 1779   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1838    
Occupation: Labourer and Carpenter 
William Chew b. 1799   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1799   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1803   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
William Chew b. 1811   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1812   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1828   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
William Chew b. 1823    
c. 1823   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1824   Colne, Lancashire 
William Chew b. 1832   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1832   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1887    
Occupation: Carpenter, Wheelwright and Master Joiner 
William Chew b. 1832    
William Chew b. 1832   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1832   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
William Chew b. 1832   Smallbridge, Rochdale, Lancashire. 
c. 1833   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1885   the Rochdale Registration District. 
Occupation: Cotton Mill Manager 
William Chew b. 1833   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1833   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1887    
Occupation: Iron Moulder 
William Chew b. 1844   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1844   Gisburn, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Merchant Salesman and Insurance Agent 
William Chew b. 1868   Pewit Hall, Paythorne, Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1868   Tewit Hall, near Gisburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1947   Beck Farm, Micklethwaite, Bingley, near Keighley, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Farmer 
William Chew b. 1868   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
William Chew b. 1884   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cotton Winder 
William (Bill) Chew b. 1894   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1982   the Blackburn Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Occupation: Dairy Farmer 
William (Billy) Chew b. 1920   the Skipton Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
William (Guliemus) Chew b. 1700   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1700   Gisburn, Yorkshire on 7th July 1700 
William (Guliemus) Chew b. 1732    
d. 1732    
William Christopher Chew b. 1788   Blackburn, Lancashire 
d. 1867   the Ormskirk Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Occupation: Attorney 
William Ewart Chew b. 1877   Britannia, Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
William Grime Chew b. 1818   Manchester, Lancashire. 
c. 1818   Newton Heath, Manchester, Lancashire 
d. 1843   the Manchester Registration District (Mar Quarter) 
Occupation: Attorney 
William Henry (Bill) Chew b. 1949   the Ewecross Registration District (Mar Qtr). 
William Lawrence Chew b. 1845   Harpurhey, Manchester, Lancashire 
d. 1909   the Nantwich Registration District (Dec Quarter) 
Occupation: Solicitor