Green Family Tree

Green Family Members
Name Details
Ann Green b. 1853   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
Ann Green b. 1890   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
Ann Frances Green b. 1907   St Helens, Lancashire 
Bernadine D. Green b. 1925   the Prescot Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Colin Anthony Green b. 1948   the St Helens Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Elizabeth Green b. 1852   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
Ellen Green b. 1850   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
Gerard P. Green b. 1952   the St Helens Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
d. 1953   the Liverpool Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Helen Green b. 1899   St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Shorthand Typist 
Helen Green b. 1926   the Prescot Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Herbert Green b. 1893   87, Oxford Street, St Helens, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Joiner 
Jane Green b. 1845   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
d. 1928   St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Nailmaker, Domestic 
Jane Green b. 1895   168, Greenfield Road, St Helens, Lancashire. 
d. 1895   Greenfield Road, St Helens, Lancashire 
Joan Green b. 1923   the Prescot Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Joan Green b. 1929   the Prescot Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
John Green b. 1855   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Plate Glass Labourer 
John Edward Green b. 1909   St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Railway Porter 
Joseph Green b. 1922   the Prescot Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
d. 1922   the Prescot Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Joseph Richard Green b. 1890   St Helens, Lancashire 
d. 1942   the Prescot Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
Julie M. Green b. 1954   the St Helens Registration District (Mar Qtr) 
Leo Peter Green b. 1921   the Prescot Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
d. 1945   war service, residence 248 St Helens Road, Eccleston Park, Prescot, Lancashire 
Occupation: Stock Clerk - Wholesale Grocery 
Margaret Green b. 1858   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
d. 1906   St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Grocer 
Margaret Green b. 1898   125, Speakman Road, St Helens, Lancashire. 
Margaret Alice Green b. 1886   St Helens, Lancashire 
Margaret Mary Green b. 1895   St Helens, Lancashire 
d. 1976   22 Hard Lane, St Helens, Lancashire 
Mary Green b. 1848   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Nailmaker 
Mary Green b. 1896   168, Greenfield Road, St Helens, Lancashire. 
d. 1900   Greenfield Road, St Helens, Lancashire 
Mary B. Green b. 1924   the Prescot Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
Peter Green b. 1860   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
d. 1912   the Prescot Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Occupation: Stone Mason 
Richard Green b. 1820   Windle, St Helens, Lancashire 
d. 1884   the Prescot Registration District (Dec Qtr) 
Occupation: Nailmaker, Labourer and Grocer 
Richard Green b. 1882   St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Plate Glass Labourer 
Walter Green b. 1892   87, Oxford Street, St Helens, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Block Winder (Glass Trade) and later an Electricians Mate 
William (Willie) Green b. 1863   Moss Bank, Windle, St Helens, Lancashire. 
d. 1943   St. Vincents Hospice Old Swan, Liverpool 13 
Occupation: Joiner (Journeyman) and later a Shopkeeper 
William Green b. 1933   the Prescot Registration District (Jun Qtr) 
William Francis Green b. 1893   St Helens, Lancashire 
d. 1981   32 Laurel Road, St Helens, Lancashire 
Occupation: Salesman - Wholesale Grocer