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Christina Graham (1892 - 1984)


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Christina Graham was the daughter of John Graham and Alice Emily Holmes.

Christina was born on Saturday 12 March 1892 in 21 Lees Yard, Leeds, Yorkshire.

She was known as "Tina" by her close friends, and sometimes as "Dolly".

Christina married Percy Jennings on Monday 24 December 1917 in Belle Vue Chapel, Belle Vue Road, Leeds, Yorkshire.
The witnesses at the marriage were Albert Wrigglesworth and Frances Graham (Christina's sister).
Christina was 25 years old and Percy was 26 years old when they married.

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The places where she lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1892    21 Lees Yard, Leeds, Yorkshire.  Note 1. 
1901  1903  25 Baker Street, Leeds, Yorkshire.  Notes 2 & 3. 
1911  1917  66 Christopher Street, Leeds, Yorkshire.  Notes 4 & 5. 
Late    Island Way, Leeds, Yorkshire.   

Christina was a Boarding House Servant, and later a Shoe Makers Manageress.

Christina died when she was 92 years old, in 1984 in Staincliffe Registration District, Yorkshire.  

Notes - Sources of information:
1. Birth Certificate.
2. See 1901 Census.
3. Birth Certificate of her brother Walter.
4. See 1911 Census.
5. Marriage Certificate.

Census Data:

Year Address
1901 25 Baker Street, Leeds, Yorkshire.
1911 66 Christopher Street, Leeds, Yorkshire.
1939 87 Lea Farm Road, Leeds, Yorkshire.