Lavender Family Tree

Knowles Family Members
Name Details
Adelaide Theodore Knowles b. 1863   Talk on the Hill, Staffordshire. 
Albert Knowles b. 1907   Warrington, Lancashire 
Albert Edward Knowles b. 1907   Wolstanton, Staffordshire 
Alice Knowles b. 1880   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Alice Knowles b. 1911   Warrington, Lancashire 
Alice Knowles b. 1912   Wolstanton, Staffordshire 
Ann Knowles b. 1839   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
Ann Jane Knowles b. 1867   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
Constance Knowles b. 1883   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Edmund Knowles b. 1909   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Edward Henry Knowles b. 1869   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
Occupation: Slater 
Edward Henry Knowles b. 1895   Southport, Lancashire 
Occupation: Iron Moulder 
Edwin Barton Knowles b. 1844   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
Elizabeth Knowles b. 1817    
c. 1817   Dawley Magna, Shropshire 
Elizabeth Knowles b. 1842   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
Ellen Knowles b. 1851   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
c. 1851   Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 
Ellen Knowles b. 1898   Southport, Lancashire 
Emily Adelaide Knowles b. 1903   Wolstanton, Staffordshire 
Frank Knowles b. 1873   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Occupation: Iron Moulder 
Frank Knowles b. 1906   Wolstanton, Staffordshire 
Grace Knowles b. 1877   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
James Knowles b. 1848   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
James Knowles b. 1876   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Occupation: Iron Founder 
James Knowles b. 1904   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Jane Knowles b. 1846   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
c. 1846   Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 
John Knowles b. 1891   Birkdale, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Police Constable 
Kathleen M Knowles b. 1921   Warrington, Lancashire 
Leonard Knowles b. 1871   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
d. 1872   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Lilian Knowles b. 1933    
Lily Knowles b. 1918   Wolstanton, Staffordshire 
Margaret Knowles b. 1899   Southport, Lancashire 
Mary Knowles b. 1902   Warrington, Lancashire 
Mary Agnes Knowles b. 1900   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Mary Ann Knowles b. 1853   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
Matthew Knowles b.     
Matthew Knowles b. 1813    
c. 1813   Dawley Magna, Shropshire 
Occupation: Millwright 
Matthew Knowles b. 1837   Wednesbury, Staffordshire. 
Occupation: Battery Maker 
Matthew Ralph Barton Knowles b. 1865   Hanley, Staffordshire. 
d. 1903   Eccleshall, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Brass Fitter 
Matthew Thomas Knowles b. 1889   Birkdale, Lancashire. 
Phyllis I Knowles b. 1915   Wolstanton, Staffordshire 
Ralph Knowles b. 1893   Southport, Lancashire 
Occupation: Carter 
Sarah Knowles b. 1902   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Sarah Elizabeth Knowles b. 1862   Talk on the Hill, Staffordshire. 
Thomas Knowles b. 1905   Warrington, Lancashire 
Vincent Knowles b. 1906   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Wilfred Knowles b. 1914   Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
William Henry Knowles b. 1910   Wolstanton, Staffordshire