Cundall Family Tree

Hayhurst Family Members
Name Details
Allan Hayhurst b. 1912   the Clitheroe Registration District (Sep. quarter) 
d. 1997   the Ribble Valley Registration District (Aug) 
Occupation: Nurseryman and in Observer Corps 
Angela M. Hayhurst b. 1947   the Clitheroe Registration District (Jun. quarter) 
Betty Hayhurst b. 1808   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
David Hayhurst b. 1882   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1923   the Clitheroe Registration District (Dec. quarter) 
Occupation: Grocer and Corn Dealer 
David Michael Hayhurst b. 1965    
David Rex Hayhurst b.    
David William Hayhurst b. 2002    
Dawn Leigh Hayhurst b. 1969    
Ellen Hayhurst b.     
d. 1846   Clitheroe Registration District 
Elsie Hayhurst b. 1916   the Clitheroe Registration District (Dec. quarter) 
d. 2001   the Ribble Valley Registration District (Dec. quarter) 
Occupation: Handlined Felt Hat Worker 
Every Hayhurst b. 1898   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1986   2 Meadowside, Grindleton, nr Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Fanny Hayhurst b. 1872   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Frederick Hayhurst b. 1875   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Blacksmith 
Gillian T. Hayhurst b. 1954   the Clitheroe Registration District (Jun. quarter) 
Gladys Hayhurst b. 1907   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 2000    
Gladys Hayhurst b. 1908   the Clitheroe Registration District (Mar. quarter) 
d. 1908   the Clitheroe Registration District (Jun. quarter) 
Hannah Hayhurst b. 1901   the Clitheroe Registration District. 
d. 1980   the Blackburn Registration District (Sep. quarter) 
Hayley Jane Hayhurst b. 1998    
Horace Hayhurst b. 1909   the Clitheroe Registration District (Dec. quarter) 
d. 1963   20 King Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Omnibus Driver and in Observer Corps 
Isaac Hayhurst b. 1874   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Grocer's Assistant 
Isabella Hayhurst b. 1881   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Grocer 
Jean A. Hayhurst b. 1948   the Clitheroe Registration District (Jun. quarter) 
John Thomas Hayhurst b. 1874   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Kristina Rose Hayhurst b. 1998    
Linda Sharon Hayhurst b. 1957    
Margaret Hayhurst b. 1868   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Margaret Hayhurst b. 1899   Nelson, Lancashire. 
Margaret Ellen Hayhurst b. 1872   Waterloo, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Mary Hayhurst b. 1881   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Mary Ann Hayhurst b. 1878   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Book Keeper 
Meghan Helen Hayhurst b. 1989    
Patricia M. Hayhurst b. 1944   the Burnley Registration District (Jun. quarter) 
Reginald Hayhurst b. 1908   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1971    
Occupation: Jockey 
Robert Hayhurst b. 1884   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cattleman 
Robert William Hayhurst b. 1933    
d. 2011    
Occupation: Aerospace Engineer and worked on NASA's Lunar Module on the Apollo Program 
Robert William Hayhurst b. 1958    
Samuel Hayhurst b. 1879   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
d. 1917   France 
Occupation: Gardener at Holden Clough 
Thomas Hayhurst b. 1867   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Butcher Shopkeeper 
Thomas Pinder Hayhurst b. 1842   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Servant, Blacksmith and Farmer 
William Hayhurst b. 1840   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Grocer, Farmer and Innkeeper 
William Hayhurst b. 1870   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Grocer 
William Hayhurst b. 1887   Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire. 
William Henry Hayhurst b. 1907   Clitheroe Registration District. 
Winifred Ethel (Freda) Hayhurst b. 1910   the Clitheroe Registration District (Dec. quarter) 
d. 1988   Columbus, Ohio, USA