Cundall Family Tree

Arthur Baker (1906 - 1983)

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Arthur Baker (right) with brother Tom Baker

circa 1930


Arthur Baker's marriage
Left to right
Clifford Ames (son of Fred Ames), Robert Knight, Arthur Baker, Mary Ann Cundall, Fred Ames (Isaac Cundall's partner in the Mineral Water Works Business), Margaret (Maggie) Alice Knight (nee Cundall)

13th July 1940


Martha Ann Cundall, Arthur Baker, Mary Ann (Molly) Baker (nee Cundall) and Tom Baker (in the pushchair)

circa 1948


Arthur Baker's Buick
Ohio, USA


Margaret Knight's wedding to William Dixon, with Tom Cundall Baker and Hilary Jean Roberts on the left, and Isaac Cundall (Ike) Knight and Arthur Baker at the back.

14 September 1974