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Robert Cundall (1849 - 1891)

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Robert Cundall was the son of Thomas Cundall and Frances (Fanny) Bleazard.

Robert was born on Thursday 5 April 1849 in Hareden, Bolton Forest, near Slaidburn, Yorkshire.

He was born at 6 a.m.

Robert married Leah Dewhurst on Thursday 28 May 1885 in St Andrews Church in the Parish of Whalley, in the district of Burnley, Lancashire.
The witnesses at the marriage were Isaac Blezard Cundall, Jeanny Cundall and Mitchell Dewhurst.
Robert was 36 years old and Leah was 36 years old when they married.

I think Jeanny Cundall is Fanny Cundall (Isaac Blezard Cundall's wife) and the person at the Register Office who transcribed the marriage certificate for me has interpreted the handwriting incorrectly and put 'Je' instead of 'F'.

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1849  1851  Hareden, Bolton Forest, near Slaidburn, Lancashire.  Notes 1 & 2. 
1861    Fowlscales Farm, Newton, near Slaidburn, Lancashire.  Note 3. 
1871    New Barn, Hapton, Lancashire.  Note 4. 
1881    13, Church Brow, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 5. 
1885    Brennand Street, (Whalley, Burnley, Lancashire?).  Note 6. 
1888    44, Burnley Road, Brierfield Marsden, near Burnley, Lancashire.  Note 7. 
1891    46, Burnley Road, Great and Little Marsden, Brierfield, near Burnley, Lancashire.  Note 8. 

Robert was a Farm Bailiff and Hind.   The profession Hind is defined in my dictionary as:
1.  A skilled farm worker, usually married and with a tied cottage, and formerly having charge of two horses.
2.  A steward on a farm.

Robert died when he was 42 years old, in 1891 in Burnley Registration District.  

Notes - Sources of information:
1. Birth Certificate.
2. See 1851 Census.
3. See 1861 Census.
4. See 1871 Census.
5. See 1881 Census.
6. Marriage Certificate.
7. Death Certificate of his brother Thomas Cundall (born 1841).
8. See 1891 Census.

Census Data:

Year Address
1851 Hareden, Bolton by Bowland.
1861 Fowlscales Farm, Newton, Slaidburn.
1871 New Barn, Hapton, Lancashire.
1881 13 Church Brow, Clitheroe.
1891 46 Burnley Road, Great and Little Marsden, Brierfield, Burnley, Lancashire.