Slinger Family Tree

John Nowell (1820 - ....)


John Nowell was born around 1820 in Newby, Yorkshire.

John married Margaret ??????

Details of John's marriage are not known.

He had the following children from his marriage to Margaret ??????:

- John Nowell

born around 1848 in Easington, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1881    Smelthwaites, Easington in Clitheroe, Yorkshire.  Note 1. 

John was a Farmer.

Details of John's death are not known.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. See 1881 Census.

Census Data:

Year Address
1881 Smelthwaits, Easington in Clitheroe, Yorkshire.