Frankland Family Tree

John Frankland (1879 - ....)


John Frankland was the son of Henry Frankland and Hannah Lord.

John was born on Friday 3 January 1879 in Accrington, Lancashire.

John married Ellen Sanderson in 1900 in St Peters, Accrington, Lancashire (in the Haslingden Registration District).

He had the following children from his marriage to Ellen Sanderson:

- Gladys Frankland

born on 13 December 1902 in Accrington, Lancashire.

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1878    Accrington, Lancashire.  Note 1. 
1881    3 Mountain Lane, Accrington, Lancashire.  Note 2. 
1891    18 Midland Street, Accrington, Lancashire.  Note 3. 
1901    9 Mount Pleasant, Accrington, Lancashire.  Note 4. 
1922    Hodder Street, Accrington, Lancashire.  Note 5. 
1922    Woodplumpton, near Preston, Lancashire.  Note 5. 

John was a Labourer at a Print Works. He was a conductor, driver and inspector of Accrington's old electric trams. Laterly, he was a Poultry Farmer.

Details of John's death are not known.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. See 1881 Census. John's birthplace.
2. See 1881 Census.
3. See 1891 Census.
4. See 1901 Census.
5. Diamond Wedding Newspaper article (see 'Documents' link) provided by Gordon Jamieson and Joan Jamieson (nee Frankland) through Barry Frankland.
6. Marriage year provided by Gordon Jamieson and Joan Jamieson (nee Frankland).
7. Marriage place provided by Simon Margutti through Genes Reunited.

Census Data:

Year Address
1881 3 Mountain Lane, Accrington, Lancashire.
1891 18 Midland Street, Accrington, Lancashire.
1901 9 Mount Pleasant, Accrington, Lancashire.
1911 50 Lodge Street, Accrington, Lancashire.
1939 Newfield, Preston, Lancashire.