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Margaret Slinger (1833 - 1906)


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Margaret Slinger was the daughter of Ambrose Slinger and Elizabeth (Betty) Guy.

Margaret was born on Tuesday 28 May 1833 in Cocklick End (aka Cocklett End), Easington, Yorkshire.

She was christened on Sunday 30 June 1833 at St Andrew's Church, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.

Margaret married John Frankland on Thursday 16 May 1850 in the parish church in Slaidburn, Yorkshire.
The witnesses at the marriage were William Slinger (Margaret's brother) and Thirston Frankland.
Margaret was about 17 years old and John was about 25 years old when they married.

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The places where she lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1833  1841  Cocklett End, Easington, Yorkshire.  Notes 2, 3 & 4. 
1850  1861  Eggberry House, Easington, Yorkshire.  Notes 3, 5, 6 & 7. 
1861  1906  Edge, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.  Notes 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13. 

Margaret died when she was 73 years old, on Sunday 4 March 1906.  

She was buried on Thursday 8 March 1906 in St Andrew's Church, Slaidburn.

A newspaper article describing the Golden Wedding celebrations can be seen on the Documents page (see 'Documents' link above).    It describes that Margaret Slinger was born at Cocklett End in Easington, and that she soon went to live at Hey's farm near Newton.    Also, a burial card can be seen on the Documents page.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. See Parish Registers and IGI.
2. See 1861 Census. Margaret's birthplace.
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Parish Registers:

Census Data:

Year Address
1841 Cocklickend, Easington, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.
1851 Hegberry House, Easington, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.
1861 Hegberry House, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.
1871 Edge, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.
1881 Edge, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.
1891 Slaidburn, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.
1901 Lower Hedge, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.