Turnor Family Tree

1871 Census

RG10/3188 Folio Page 8                
Census Place Address Surname Forenames Relation to Head of Family Condition Age Sex Occupation Where Born Calculated Birth Date
Yardley, Warwickshire Yardley House Turnor Michael Head  Married   52  Male Pen Manufacturer  Birmingham, Warwickshire  1818-19 
    Turnor Sarah Wife  Married   42  Female   Birmingham, Warwickshire  1828-29 
    Turnor Michael Son     16  Male   Handsworth, Staffordshire  1854-55 
    Turnor Eugenie Daur     14  Female   Handsworth, Staffordshire  1856-57 
    Turnor Excuperios Son     12  Male   Handsworth, Staffordshire  1858-59 
    Turnor Lettie Daur     10  Female   Shirley, Warwickshire  1860-61 
    Turnor Sarah A Daur     9  Female   Shirley, Warwickshire  1861-62 
    Turnor Tom Son     8  Male   Harborne, Staffordshire  1862-63 
    Turnor Harry Son     4  Male   Harborne, Staffordshire  1866-67 
    Turnor Lilly Daur     3  Female   Harborne, Staffordshire  1867-68 
    Smith W.T. Son-in-Law  Married   26  Male Clerk  Birmingham, Warwickshire  1844-45 
    Smith Amy Daur  Married   22  Female   Birmingham, Warwickshire  1848-49 
    Allely Emily Visitor     15  Female   Birmingham, Warwickshire  1855-56 
    Allely William Visitor     13  Male   Birmingham, Warwickshire  1857-58 
    Hollingshead Mary Servant  Widow   50  Female Cook (Domestic Servt)  Sedgley, Staffordshire  1820-21 
    Haynes Mary Servant  Unmarried   27  Female Nurse    1843-44 
    Quincy Betsy Servant  Unmarried   20  Female Housemaid (Dom Servt)    1850-51