Cundall Family Tree

1911 Census

RG14/31312 Folio Page                
Census Place Address Surname Forenames Relation to Head of Family Condition Age Sex Occupation Where Born Calculated Birth Date
Brighton, Sussex 26 Oriental Place Myers Samuel J. Head  Married   38  Male Apartment House Keeper  Dallowgill, Yorkshire  1872-73 
    Myers Edith M. Wife  Married   38  Female   Devizes, Wiltshire  1872-73 
    Myers E. Demain Son     1  Male   Brighton, Sussex  1909-10 
    Thornton H. Servant  Widow   47  Female Cook - Apartment House  Devizes, Wiltshire  1863-64 
    Scholefield Amelia E. Servant  Single   22  Female Housemaid - Apartment House  Yorkshire  1888-89 
    Myers Edith Servant  Single   24  Female Nurse - Apartment House  Yorkshire  1886-67 
    Musgrave Alfred Boarder  Single   57  Male Probate and Divorce Registrar  Leamington  1853-54 
    Lawley Robert Boarder  Single   47  Male Gentleman - No Occupation  Much Wenlock Salop  1863-64 
    Bland James Sparling Boarder  Married   42  Male Valet  London  1868-69 
    Warton Kate B. Boarder  Single   62  Female None  Highbury, Middlesex  1848-49 
    Boose Mary J. Boarder  Single   46  Female None  Brighton, Sussex  1864-65 
    Stirling Gilbert Boarder  Married   67  Male Late Major Royal House Guards  Cheltenham  1843-44 
    Lousada Arthur Boarder  Married   70  Male Late Captain Rd North Lincoln  Cheltenham  1840-41